What You Need to Know About Addiction Rehab Facilities

No matter what type of addiction treatment you seek, your stay at Nashville Drug Rehab‘s facility begins in the same way: your initial phone call to their compassionate representatives, who’ll connect you to an intake advisor. Your advisor will stick with you throughout your recovery and address any and all concerns you have.

This phone call is used to hammer out the details of you or your loved one’s stay at the rehabilitation center. The advisor will ask questions about your loved one’s drug habits, accompanying psychological distress or secondary addictions, payment plans, and insurance coverage. Even at this early stage, Nashville Drug Rehab’s representatives are forming a picture of you or your loved one’s addiction problem and beginning to construct an individualized recovery plan to suit the patient’s exact needs.

The intake advisor at Nashville Drug Rehab will also assist you with arranging transport to the rehab facility, and scheduling an intervention if necessary. It’s occasionally difficult for a person to come to terms with their drug problem and voluntarily enter treatment. An intervention is intended to present an addicted person with the signs of their destructive habit and get them to confront the dangers of their drug abuse. It’s important that an intervention be calm, relaxed, and non-confrontational so as not to put the addicted person on the defensive. For this reason, interventions are often overseen by a qualified interventionist who can direct the conversation, add their own experienced voice, and keep the meeting from devolving into accusation and acrimony. The goal of an intervention is simply to get the addicted person into treatment and save their life. Nashville Drug Rehab can assist you with arranging one of these meetings if your loved one proves reluctant to enter treatment.

Addiction help is available today. Contact Nashville Drug Rehab at (615) 246-0550 to learn more about competent rehab programs and related services today.


Nashville Drug Rehab’s Residential Facilities

Nashville Drug Rehab makes every effort to make an individual’s stay at their rehab facility comfortable and safe, providing shared rooms in a spacious multi-bedroom living facility with all meals and snacks provided. Recreational amenities such as a rec room, a large-screen TV, a pool, and a spacious back yard are included as well. The kitchen is fully furnished, laundry facilities are free and include detergent, and a house manager is on hand 24 hours a day. Free transportation is provided to Nashville Drug Rehab‘s rehab facility.

Nashville Drug Rehab understands that a patient deserves an individualized approach which suits their needs. To find out what their treatment community can do for you, call their helpful representatives today at (615) 246-0550.


Post-Rehab Assistance

Your recovery doesn’t end after rehab concludes: the process is ongoing. Addiction issues must be actively resisted for the remainder of the individual’s life, and cravings and temptations may flare up at any moment. Counselors and therapists do their best to prepare the patient for these eventualities, but sobriety is best served by constant maintenance. To help its patients exceed and thrive after they leave rehab programs, Nashville Drug Rehab offers aftercare options. They keep a thorough record of Nashville therapists and counselors who are familiar with addiction-related problems, and can offer support meetings and outpatient therapy sessions even after inpatient rehab is completed. If a patient relapses within 365 days of graduating from a rehab program of 45 or 90 days, Nashville Drug Rehab provides a 28-day tune-up program free of charge. At Nashville Drug Rehab, your sobriety and success take precedence over everything.

Get the best addiction care available. Contact Nashville Drug Rehab’s representatives today to find out how they can help you attain long-lasting sobriety.