Fight Alcoholism with Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

While Tennessee has a much lower drinking population than do other states—37.87%—and is therefore not as notorious for its alcohol problems as other states, there is nonetheless cause for concern. A large number of Tennessee’s drinkers are either binge drinkers or underage or both. The Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center reported in 2013 that over 60% of high school-age students in Tennessee had tried alcohol at least once in their lives; almost 19% had their first real drink of alcohol before age 13; more than 28% had drunk alcohol one or more times in the preceding month; and more than 16% had binge-drank (five or more alcoholic beverages in a row) in the preceding month. Roughly 184,000 underage drinkers consume alcohol in Tennessee every year, drinking almost 10% of the total amount of alcohol sold in the state annually. Worse yet, underage alcohol drinkers drank more heavily than their adult counterparts, consuming an average of 4.0 drinks per day compared to 1.4 drinks per day for above-age drinkers.

Nashville Drug Rehab can help you defeat your alcohol addiction problems with its state-of-the-art facilities, luxurious amenities, and time-tested methods. The process begins with detoxification, which is intended to purify the body of alcohol-related toxins and help the patient safely withdraw from alcohol. This is far preferable to quitting “cold turkey,” which may result in rigorous withdrawal symptoms and can even be fatal if not supervised by qualified medical personnel. Following detox, mental health experts work with the patient to remedy underlying psychological issues and develop healthy, constructive strategies for beating cravings and avoiding relapse. No matter how severe alcohol addiction becomes, Nashville Drug Rehab has the competent staff and facilities in place to treat it.

Don’t allow alcoholism to rule over your life. Contact Nashville Drug Rehab today to find out about alcohol rehab plans that can help you attain sobriety.

Quality Alcohol Addiction Assistance

Nashville Drug Rehab‘s proven detoxification clinic guarantees the patient’s comfort and safety, and their experienced therapeutic staff emphasize the confrontation of latent psychological issues and reliable methods for managing cravings. Every patient receives individualized care and a recovery plan that’s been tailored to their needs, and lasts no less than 45 days. Nashville Drug Rehab’s program lasts longer than the standard four weeks allotted for rehab at other facilities because they believe that a person’s chances of full recovery improve exponentially the longer they remain in treatment. Someone going through Nashville Drug Rehab’s rehab program can take advantage of multiple types of therapy, including group and family therapy, one-on-one counseling, and round-the-clock support from medical and psychiatric experts. Nashville Drug Rehab offers world-class alcohol addiction care to Tennessee residents before, during, and after treatment.

Nashville Drug Rehab specializes in treating alcohol addiction disorders of all different severities. Log on to Nashville Drug Rehab’s website or dial (615) 246-0550 to learn more.