Colleges’ Approach to Mental Wellness: Shaping a Better You

Posted: November 18, 2015 by

college approach to addiction


The metamorphosis of a student’s life from high school to college depicts a significant turning point. Thus, this major transition is often associated with number of expected opportunities, uncertainties, challenges, and even stresses that can stretch a student’s personal and social boundaries, unknowingly contributes in your growth as a young individual.

Many of us imagine that as we move to a new chapter in our lives, opportunities ahead of us are what make it more thrilling and intriguing. It’s easy to say that diseases such as depression, anxiety, suicide, or even addiction can never happen to us. Hence, in dealing with the realities of life, several research show that emotional issues resulting from stress to situations such as depression, and other behavioral disorders like eating or sleeping disorders, are considered to be a dominant barrier to academic progress among students, most especially – college students.

Addiction is predominantly correlated with the youth of today. More so, it can be very difficult for those young people who are battling with such emotional issues to identify which is right or wrong, what should need to be done or not. In addition, it is also hard to figure out when a student needs a hand to help him or her.

Emotional complication is equivalent to missing out important matters, overlooking possibilities, and neglecting academic and extra-curricular activities for most of the students. Furthermore, starting to have a talk about mental health issues and addiction can be a big challenge for everyone. And yet, when these kinds of issues are not properly acknowledged, will lead to more perils and consequences. Or worst, can contribute to suicide, substance abuse, and even death.

Undeniably, a school is the youth’s second home. It is where most of the time is being spent – it is a training ground in developing an individual in becoming a productive and useful part of the society today, and in the near future. It is definitely a must to consider not just the academic aspect of a certain college. But what is more significant is to dig deeper on its approach toward emotional and metal wellness. Similarly, college students usually have massive matters to deal with. Along with this, choosing where to spend college is a critical part for most of the students. To take time in looking for different perspectives when making a choice is relevant.

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