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Drug and alcohol use affects the whole community. Abuse of any kind of substance is often associated with various health risks such as injury, behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, and other risky activities which affect people’s well-being, safety, relationships, and overall health as well as their capability to achieve their full potential. According to various studies and research, simply saying “NO” is not an effective message to many teens and young adults. Various influences can affect a young person’s choice to use alcohol and/or drugs, such as family, peers, and the media. More effective plans are needed to help prevent adolescents and teens from using alcohol and/or drugs.

Creating a secure, healthy, and supportive environment for young people requires a collective effort and support from family, schools, teachers, and the entire community. As a group they must help youth with developing positive attitudes, necessary skills, and obtaining knowledge in order to help them make the right choices about alcohol and drug use.

The actions, values, and beliefs of family and friends will have a powerful impact on young people’s choices about whether or not they use drugs and alcohol. Young adults are also influenced by the messages they get from the media, such as in music videos, movies, pop culture, social networking sites, advertisements, and television. Teens and adolescents can easily become swayed by those influences and they will have to make important decisions as they grow older.  As they make these crucial decisions, young people will need the support and guidance of trusted adults.

Many studies indicate that a wide-range of behaviors, including those that are linked with substance abuse, can be significantly affected by strengthening family ties, especially the relationships between parents and their children.

Schools can make a big difference

Preventing alcohol and drug abuse among young people is not only the responsibility of the person, it is a combined effort of the family, school, and community. Schools have a large impact on teens and adolescents because so much of their time is spent there and they play a big part in encouraging young individuals with maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Schools can make a difference, not only through the educational programs they offer, but also through the opportunities and support that they provide to students. Schools can help student by influencing them by employing positive role-models when it comes to alcohol and drug use. In addition, schools can build partnerships with other groups or individuals in the community who shares the same interests, which is to promote the well-being of young people.

An effective substance abuse program helps young people with building self-confidence and discovering their true identities as well as teaching them to be strong in order to overcome future life challenges. Schools can make a huge difference in a person’s life.

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