Choosing an Effective Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Detoxification is the process of both cleansing a patient’s system of drug-related toxins and ameliorating or forestalling withdrawal symptoms. This process takes place before rehab begins. For many types of drugs, such as marijuana, physical withdrawal symptoms are almost nonexistent, but for others such as methamphetamine and alcohol, withdrawal can be a rigorous, painful, or even deadly process. This is because, over time, the human body develops a tolerance to the drugs. This has two practical effects: (a) the user must take progressively higher amounts of their drug of choice to get high, putting them at a greater risk of overdose and poisoning; and (b), if the user suddenly stops all use of their drug of choice, the body must abruptly return to homeostasis, which can be an excruciating process.

Detox properly prepares a patient for the rehabilitation and counseling that will follow. For physically addicting drugs, Nashville Drug Rehab provides a three- to fourteen-day period of medical detoxification. This takes place in a detox clinic and is overseen 24/7 by qualified and experienced clinical staff. Their job is to monitor the patient, administer medication to dampen the effects of withdrawal and ease pain, and scrub the patient’s body of toxins and drug residues. Patients are given a room and a bed and such comforts as may be available, as well as 24-hour clinical monitoring by trained medical specialists, who may prescribe dietary changes and physical exercise as well as medication. When the worst of the withdrawal symptoms have subsided, physical cravings have become less frequent, and the patient thoroughly examined and certified for advancement, rehabilitation begins at Nashville Drug Rehab‘s rehab facility.

Detox is NOT treatment. While it cleanses the patient’s body, detox does nothing to address the psychological issues which characterize addiction. What’s required is a complete 45- to 90-day period of therapy and counseling to prevent relapse and set the patient’s feet firmly on the road to recovery.

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